Cutback Bitumen

We take immense pride in offering top-quality Cutback Bitumen that caters to diverse pavement requirements, Rapid Curing (RC), Medium-Curing (MC), and Slow Curing (SC), designed to deliver efficient solutions for various construction and maintenance projects.

Rapid Curing (RC) Cutback Bitumen

Rapid Curing (RC) Cutback Bitumen is specifically formulated for projects that require fast-setting and quick curing times. Its unique properties make it ideal for cold weather applications and emergency repairs. RC Cutback Bitumen exhibits superior adhesion to various aggregates, making it a preferred choice for a wide range of pavement projects.

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Medium-Curing (MC) Cutback Bitumen

Medium-Curing (MC) Cutback Bitumen strikes a balance between rapid setting and curing times. This versatile grade is well-suited for areas with moderate weather conditions, providing a strong and durable bond with different types of aggregates. MC Cutback Bitumen is commonly used in road construction, prime and tack coats, and pavement maintenance projects.

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Slow Curing (SC) Cutback Bitumen

Slow Curing (SC) Cutback Bitumen is designed for projects that demand longer setting and curing times. It is particularly useful in warm weather regions where slower evaporation is essential. SC Cutback Bitumen offers excellent workability, making it suitable for surface dressing and other specialized pavement applications.

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Our bulk Cutback Bitumen packaging ensures efficient and cost-effective transportation for large-scale projects.


For more manageable quantities, we provide Cutback Bitumen packaged securely in durable drums.

Jumbo Bags

Our FIBCs (Flexible Intermediate Bulk Containers) are an excellent choice for projects requiring flexibility and ease of handling.

Efficient Logistics

Our experienced logistics team is dedicated to ensuring the timely and secure delivery of Cutback Bitumen to your project site. Withan extensive network of reliable carriers and efficient routeplanning, we guarantee seamless delivery, whether you need domestic or international shipping.