We supply the bitumen needed to make asphalt and bitumen based products

About Us

We are premium bitumen suppliers and traders, offering penetration grade bitumen, cutback and oxidized bitumen.


We deliver and supply bitumen needed to make asphalt and bitumen based products.


We thrive to deliver premium bitumen and bitumen products to our customers worldwide.

Global Reach

We are working to expand our distribution network worldwide. Learn how you could procure bitumen from us or become our distribution partner.

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How can I buy Bitumen?
The purchasing process is very straightforward, after submission of LOI, we are able to provide you with the FOB prices and assist you to arrange logistics if required to the port of destination.
Where can I buy Bitumen from?
We are able to supply your bitumen requirements and are able to sell directly to projects and end users of bitumen.
Where can I buy penetration grade Bitumen from?
We stock the commonly used grades of penetration grade bitumen, including bitumen 60/70 and 80/100 at all times and are able to supply you throughout the year.
Are you a Bitumen supplier?
Bitumax is a premium supplier of penetration grade bitumen and cutback bitumen and is able to supply bitumen in new steel drum and jumbo bags.